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    10 Best Bathroom Storage Ideas That’ll Ease Your Anxiety


    Organizing your bathroom is probably the least fun thing you will ever do—but it has serious pay-off. The less clutter there is, the less insane you’ll feel, and the faster getting ready in the morning will be. Whether you’ve got a small bathroom or a giant one, you have options, and help is here.

    Stacks on Stacks

    Bathroom Storage Solutions

    No space? No problem. Three stacked floating shelves are all you need to add extra room for towels, soap, and even decor accessories. Store extra toilet paper in a wire basket on top of your toilet.

    Organize Your Linen Closet

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 9

    Using the same kind of basket throughout can be boring (and confusing). Keep it more visually interesting and differentiate your baskets contents by choosing two different types of storage bins.

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    Fake A Linen Closet

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 8

    Don’t actually have a linen closet in your bathroom? No problem. Attach baskets to the wall for a spot to fold extra towels and washcloths.

    Install Shelves

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 7

    Obvious, but needs to be said. For a more modern vibe, skip the floating shelves and choose a shelving unit with iron hardware.

    Create A Skinny Alcove

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 6

    If you’re renovating your bathroom, leave room for a super narrow alcove. Install shelves, then use them to stack extra towels and hold baskets with beauty supplies.

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    DIY A Vintage Cabinet

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 5

    Installing a wall-mounted cabinet will open up storage potential—but it can get pricey. This DIY version will save your bank account, and looks seriously stunning.

    Label, Label, Label

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 4

    Want to stop opening five different boxes every time you need a bandaid? Labels are your new best friend.

    Try A Tiered Basket

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 3

    Use a tiered basket to create two different bathroom cubbies: One for towels and soap, and the other for products used during nighttime rituals.

    Bring In Alternative Supplies

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 2

    This cake stand keeps items used on the daily within reach, and provides bonus space underneath it for other odds and ends.

    Contain Your Hot Tools

    Bathroom Storage Solutions 1

    Nothing is more frustrating than burning yourself on an iron as it cools down on the counter. This narrow drawer keeps them out of harm’s way.


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