37 Modern Bathroom Upgrade Ideas and Designs

37 Modern Bathroom Upgrade Ideas and Designs

Bathrooms need renovations and upgrades once in a while. This is to ensure the maintenance and condition of the plumbing, utilities, and other bathroom comforts. Bathroom renovations are also great opportunities for upgrades and design innovations. Here are the most popular modern bathroom upgrade ideas and designs;

1. Inset Shelves

Remove clutter and disorderly shelves. Instead, add the very popular inset shelves.

2. Wood Grain Ceramic Tiles

Bring in a touch of minimalism. Take out bright hued and dramatic themed bathroom tiles and replace with subdued and natural wood grained ceramic tiles.

3. Chrome and Glass Shower Partition

Time to banish tacky and often errant shower curtains. This glass and chrome shower partition is classy, easy to clean, and will give your bathroom a smart upgrade.

4. Dark Stone Tiles

Take the ultimate contemporary upgrade for your bathroom. Install raw dark stone tiles to replace the soft and muted themes of old bathrooms.

5. Sliding Barn Door

Need a little rustic inspiration for your bathroom renovation? Add a stylish rustic door barn. It’s fascinating, surprising, and space smart.

6. Tub and Shower Combo

Want to take the shower out of the bath tub but don’t have enough space for both? This shower and tub enclosure is space efficient as it is urbane.

7. Open Shelves

Take out closed bathroom cabinets and replace with open shelves. Floating shelves and this hanging shelves help to make the room appear bigger. The steel hooks complement the rustic wood wall planks.

8. Rain Showers

Bulbous single head spray shower heads are out, rain showers are in.

9. Paned Shower Divider

Bring the big city vibe to your bathroom. The paned shower enclosure is distinctive, striking, and perfectly complements the white subway wall tiles.

10. Creative Wall Feature

Give one bathroom wall a facelift, and you change the entire room. One beautiful wall to change the commonplace bathroom to a very special personal space.

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