Boise Thomas


Boise is the most successful commercial actor you’ve never seen (100+ national TV ads). When not shooting commercials, he is hosting, emceeing or doing stand up comedy in Los Angeles. The fresh face of Adrian Grenier’s Discovery/PlanetGreen series in 2008 ‘Alter Edo’ was the culmination of years in the environmental media and activism space. Boise has produced, written and directed dozens of web shows including a documentary about global population in 2002 (based on his vasectomy). In 2011, he captained a 15k mile film tour across the USA to promote a film about American Made Ethanol in a 25 yr old Bluebird school bus that ran on E85 Ethanol, solar power and bio-diesel.

Before Hollywood, Boise led adventure tours taking foreign travelers to National Parks, landmarks and all major cities in the USA, Canada and Mexico. One of his favorite jobs showing off all 7 ecosystems of these Continental United States while educating foreign visitors about our country, culture and all things Americana.

An educator at heart, Boise trained over 4000 actors in a course (based on his success as an actor) and led seminars to tens of thousands for a decade. He empowers people to live their purpose and produce extraordinary results. He is current project is launching a live digital mobile web network.

Boise lives in Venice, Ca with his cat, Melvin.