Carl Bressler

Strategic Advisor, Actor, Investor, B Corp

Carl Bressler


Humorous, with unfinished business.

Assisting businesses grow by strategic thought/action, key introductions & relationship management. Connect strategically suitable technology & capital relations in ways building deeper relationships over time.

Founder. President. CEO. Board of D's & A's. Vision. Strategy. Tactics. Expediter. Agent. Business Owner. Executive Producer. Restaurant/Bar investor. Seed Angel. Traveler.

Content Creation. Marketing. Brand Building. Complex Negotiations. Sponsorship. Sales.Sourcing. Profit & Loss Responsibility. Payroll Maker.

Talent Management. Lions, Tigers & Bears.

If I help you, give a portion of value you received, to someone else in need.

Act humbly, think mutually On ground in:

Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Brussels), Bulgaria (Varna, Golden Sands Beach), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Windsor),


China (Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai), Costa Rica (Quepos, San Jose), Croatia (Dubrovnik, Island of Hvar, Split), Czech Republic (Podebraty, Prague), Denmark (Copenhagen),

England (London), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Cannes, St Tropez), Germany (Frankfurt, Fulda, Munich, Berlin), Greece (Athens, Santorini, Mykonos), Holland (Amsterdam),

Hungary (Budapest), Iceland (Reykjavik), Indonesia (Bali), Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, Portofino, Porto Ercole, Amalfi, Capri), Japan (Tokyo),

Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Mexico (Acapulco, Mexico City, Cabo San Lucas), Monaco (Monte Carlo), Poland (Warsaw), Romania (Bucharest, Brasov, Predeal), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Singapore, Spain, (Barcelona, up the Costa Brava to Begur), Sweden (Stockhom), Switzerland, (Geneva, Zurich), Thailand (Bangkok), Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa)


Strategic advisor Scar tissue masquerading as wisdom.


Board of Advisors at Marza Animation Planet Inc.

October 2011 - December 2013 (2 Years) Feature Film Animation for the Global Audience


Chief Wisdom Officer at Santa Monica Electric Vehicles

2009 - Present (3 years) Up the hill, let's go, pedal or glide, no one will know!

Ride the trike and you won't fall over,

Fold up "Le Commuter" and hop on the train (or plane)...

Get one of each and do all of that fun stuff again!

2 recommendations available upon request

Board of Advisors at FreshiFilms, LLC

October 2008 - December 2013 (5 Years) Please go to the website :-)

1 recommendation available upon request

Advisor to CEO, early Investor at Xing Xing Digital Technology (Beijing)

July 2005 - December 2012 (7 years 2 months) Help grow Lifeng Wang's company into Chinese Pixar within ten years.

3 recommendations available upon request

Limited Partner at The Broadway Bar

June 2005 - Present (7 years 3 months) On Broadway between 8th & 9th. Where you want to be raising your glass this summer in Los Angeles.

Limited Partner at 213 Ventures, Inc. 

Humble Strategic Advisor at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

January 2004 - Present (10 years 3 months) Alchemist of humans abilities, ideas and visions for profit and humanity

20 recommendations available upon request

Seed Angel at Transplant Connect

January 2004 - Present (10 years 3 months)

Start up software designed to speed the critical team players awareness, acquisition and sucessful delivery of human organs and tissue for transplants to save lives. 1 recommendation available upon request

Executive Producer at Film Production

1996 - Present (18 years) Be where the Buck Stops.

1 recommendation available upon request

2014 BELONG, (short film)

Limited Partner at Jones Restaurant

May 1994 - Present (19 years 10 months) 

Actor at Various, free lance, independent, studio,

January 1982 - Present (30 years 8 months)




36 student films from 1983 to 1986 19 stage plays 1982 to 1990 including 36 performances of a one man show: SIAMESE TWIN KILLS BROTHER FOR BAD BREATH 200 showcases (in 400 days) between 10/86 and 12/87 1 recommendation available upon request

major fan at      COMIC BOOK ARTIST magazine

1970 - Present (42 years) Board of Advisors, Share Holder at Orb Media Group, Inc.

June 2009 - December 2010 (1 year 7 months) Advisor to Founder at start up stage of transmedia content play for America/China co-investment/production.

1 recommendation available upon request

Guest at MIT Media Lab

March 2010 - March 2010 (1 month) Brought Laurent Touil-Tartour and Peter Shiao along for the ride into "The Future of Story",

Board of Advisors at Cana Rum Room (was private club; The Doheny)

December 2007 - December 2009 (2 years 1 month) Imagine a small, private, elegant, club in downtown Los Angeles a mere block from Live Nation and steps

farther to Staples Center and Nokia Stages circa 2008.....

Board of Advisors at MovieSet

November 2007 - December 2009 (2 years 2 months) Advising CEO on business strategy to discuss and assist in implementing vision, strategy and tactics.

1 recommendation available upon request

Limited Partner at The Seven Grand

April 2007 - December 2012 (5 years) Our newest offering to the hardworking peoples of downtown Los Angeles y'all come down soon.

Vision, Strategy and Tactical Advisor at Big Stage Entertainment, Inc.

April 2009 - July 2009 (4 months) April 15-July 15 three month contract.:

Big Stage Entertainment, Inc. is a media technology company that helps you project yourself photo-realistically into the digital realm, for personalized media experiences. You can easily create a sophisticated, life-like 3-D model of your face and insert it into a growing library of movie scenes, TV and movie clips, music videos, virtual worlds, social networks, still images, video games, and advertisements to share with friends, family and colleagues. You can make and maintain as many literal and fantasy versions of yourself as you can imagine, with animated placement on your Facebook, MySpace and other social network pages only a few clicks away. 1 recommendation available upon request

Limited Partner at Dolce Restaurant

May 2003 - July 2009 (6 years 3 months) Ashton Kutcher brings his wife (10/05) Demi Moore here.

Restaurant/Nightclub fun for global business leaders as well.

Advisor at

March 2006 - December 2008 (2 years 10 months)

MESoft offers unique, innovative digital software products delivered through industry leading partners in the media and entertainment industry.


2 recommendations available upon request

Advisor at Circle Builder

January 2007 - January 2008 (1 year 1 month)

Provides membership organizations, informal social communities and their millions of members with simple, easy to use and scalable applications to activate and transform their communities through a unique member-to-member (M2M) and group-to-group (G2G) internet service. 1 recommendation available upon request

Limited Partner at Table 8 Restaurant

October 2003 - January 2008 (4 years 4 months) Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines loved us. Now the space is called Burger Bar, go figure...

January 2007 - December 2007 (1 year) For now, see Rob Kramer's profile. "it's all his fault."

Board of Directors at Illusion Fusion: Click3x & Sound Lounge

January 2002 - December 2005 (4 years)

Advising CEO on business strategy and participating in Board meetings to discuss and assist in implementing vision, strategy and tactics. 2 recommendations available upon request

CEO, Founder, Talent Agent at Montana Artists Agency

May 1989 - January 2004 (14 years 9 months) Started, built and sold: One of the largest independently owned technical artists agencies currently operating

in the world today. Annual gross sales; 1989 89k, 2003: 35M.

Talent Agent to Cinematographers, Line Producers, Production Designers, Costume Designers, Art Directors, Editors, Visual Effects Producers and Visual Effects Supervisors, Unit Production Managers and 1st Assistant Directors. Represented all clients to the motion picture, television, commercial and music video worlds.

Paramount, Warner Brothers, Fox, Universal, Sony, Dreamworks, and independent filmmakers, and televsion creators, globally.

14 recommendations available upon request

Board of Advisors and Investor at

September 1997 - December 2001 (4 years 4 months) First online film market outlasted all competitors and was unable to fund second venture capital round.

2 recommendations available upon request

Board of Advisors and Seed Angel at  People Mover

July 1998 - April 2000 (1 year 10 months) Sold to Opus 360 went public and died.

Skills & Expertise

Strategic Thinking Strategic Partnerships Strategic Leadership Film

Sponsorship Entertainment Digital Media Start-ups


William Chow

Peking Opera Style for Western Actors, Acting, 1982 - 1984

Stella Adler Conservatory

Scene Study and Playwriting Theory, Stage Acting, 1982 - 1982 Activities and Societies: Studied with Miss Adler for three months.

Southwestern University School of Law

no, Law, 1980 - 1982 Activities and Societies: Elected President of Entertainment Law Society, intern for Beverly Hills Bar, Committee for the Arts

Michigan State University

BA, Communications, .studies in Anti-Trust Economics,, 1977 - 1980 Activities and Societies: President, of Pop Entertainment, biggest student run concert company, in the United

States, at the time, Delta Chi, (founder of chapter's long hair division).


Honors and Awards

2011: Guest lecturer: UCLA, UT Austin, NY Film Acad, Columbia College 2010 Judge at: 2006: Guest lecturer at Pepperdine Uni., George L. Graziadio School 2005 June: Accepted WPO after YPO grad.

2004 August: Speaker: USC Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies;

May: Sonoma Film festival,: Juror, Feature Film Competition March: : LA Conference, Panelist, 2003 October:

Speaker on 2 Panels: Production, & Future of Film,

Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, and Filmmaker's Trophy, 1998 for SMOKE SIGNALS

Cristopher Award, 1998, Executive Producing, SMOKE SIGNALS

Conference Speaker or Moderator in, LA NYC, NOLA, Detroit, Boston, SF, SD, Toronto, Menlo Park, Miami, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Park City & Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), Providence, Rhode Island.


new technology, media, motion pictures, television, dinner parties, writing, reading, art, food, wine, sex, travel, humor, angel investing, healthy living, meditation, kindness, Big Sur, Esalen


Carl Bressler

57 people have recommended Carl

"Carl, It was a true please to have met you and experience your humble wisdom. I found your stories of life experiences to be a crisp fresh look into how we all can have a better impact on the lives of the people we encounter not only in our professions but in our personal lives. For me it was an inspiring conversation that left me feeling empowered to exceed the goals I have set forth for myself and empowered to create more. I believe you left our company, Crescent Solutions, with the tools to stop "trying” and start “doing” and to be dedicated to understanding what our companies goals mean to each of us that are working to help achieve them so the return on our individual investment will ultimately be greater!!!!! I feel the group now understands our individual commitment levels needed to achieve greatness as a whole company as well as individuals. I cannot thank you enough for the impact you left on me and my organization. Many Many Thank Yous!"

— Sonia Petkewich, was Carl's client "Carl's guidance and friendship have been invaluable as we launched this company together. He is always the

one to cut to the heart of an issue, quickly and accurately. His title is well-earned."

— Britton Jackson, President, Santa Monica Electric Vehicles, worked directly with Carl at Santa Monica Electric Vehicles

"Carl has been a tremendous asset to Freshi Films. The depth of his "rolodex" and his amazingly clear vision of the objectives and goals of any meeting, pitch or friendly drink make him invaluable as an advisor and as a closer."

— Christopher Welch, Managing Director, FreshiFilms, LLC, worked directly with Carl at FreshiFilms "I had the opportunity to meet Carl and get his advice. Carl's real life stories and wisdom have helped me to

understand my place in the world. Carl, you are the man! Dusty Twitchell"

— Dusty Twitchell, Technical Recruiter, Crescent Solutions, worked directly with Carl at Xing Xing Digital Technology (Beijing)

"Carl has been an extremely effective business adivsor and very supportive investor. His vast network of people has been very helpful in my business development efforts. His connections love him and trust his advice. Carl's insights into things and people are always very valuable when you need someone to consult or bounce ideas from. Carl is also a great personaility and fun to work with."


— Lifeng Wang, President, Xing Xing Digital Corp., was with another company when working with Carl at

"Carl is a brilliant business man who understands the balance between life and work. He has been a good mentor and advisor through my entire time knowing him. He is honest and speaks from the gut. What I love about Carl the most is his ability to give back what has been given to him. He inspires charity and compassion for those less fortunate. He spreads good karma."

— Akiko Ashley, was Carl's client

"Make time in your life to travel to the Golden Gopher Bar to meet Carl in person. You will remember your conversation for many years. Carl has provided thoughtful advice and guidance to many people who have been inspired to achieve their best selves. Read the rest of the endorsements on this page, then see for yourself."

— Robert Tercek, worked with Carl at The Golden Gopher Bar

"Carl recently came out to speak and interact with our company while on a retreat. Carl gave an empassioned speach about his background and was able to connect it to each individual in our organization. He took the time to get to know each person (35 heads) throughout the weekend and left us all with a lasting impression. I'm happy to have met Carl and look forward to counting him as one of my friends going forward."

— Mitchell Balzer, was Carl's client "WOW! Carl is a fiercely sage individual with incredible intangible characteristics that expanded my beliefs.

I am grateful and thankful to Carl for his guidance, wisdom and authenticity."

— Matthew Fristoe, was Carl's client

"Carl came to our recent company retreat to give a presentation to our team. He had a very unique story to tell and had a real sense of honesty about him. I thought his speech was very entertaining while at the same time offered some great insight into what he did to network himself and into his unique way of thinking about things. Carl is an out of the box thinker and provided great value to our retreat. I feel lucky to have had an opportunity to hear what he had to say and meet him in person."

— Ryan Heiserman LION, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Crescent Solutions, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Every body should have a mentor in life like Carl. A lighthouse of wisdom. Carl is this kind of exetremely rare human being who where born to lead people, empower and inspire them to be all they can be. Under the word mentor in the dictionary you will probably find Carl's picture, in a golden frame. Dream, do, now. 3 simple words that summs up so much about Carl, from embracing life to fighting for liberty, to getting up and execute your visions. Carl is THE best advisor. like a brother. He walks the walk."

Itai Talmi, Brand engagement strategy for Retail & Service brands., itai Talmi, was with another


ompany when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl is deceptively perceptive. When he looked at our business plan he asked all the questions nobody else did...And they were all the right questions. He brings focus to subjects he's never even considered and a passionate energy to everything he does."

— Britton Jackson, Managing Partner, 3rd Millennium Energy, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl is a gift, a rare, unique, stellar, sharp, top quality visionary who shines truth and honor into every conversation. His talent integrates both personal and professional integrity into one soul dedicated to bringing out the best and achieving the goals and objectives in every person, business, entity, project, or concept he comes into contact with. He not only "sees" solutions others seem to miss, but he knows how to execute them. I call Carl, "Oh, Wise One," for all of these reasons and feel blessed to experience the courage he shares in speaking his truth and expanding an entity's vision."

— Lynn Isenberg, Multi-Media Branded Entertainment Content Creator-Producer-Entrepreneur/Consultant, Focus Media, Inc., was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"There's not much that I can add to the conversation regarding Carl's profound generosity and insight that hasn't already been stated here numerous times, but one recent moment does stand out: Carl met with my partner and I and among other things we discussed a script I've been developing for years. In that time I've been fortunate to receive solid feedback and meaningful notes from various people I respect greatly, but Carl's incisive take on the story and his passionate, eloquent example of how HE would pitch it humbled me beyond words. In less than ten minutes Carl had given us not only a very fresh take on the story itself but - more profoundly - he did so in a way that exemplified his embodiment of ideals and standards that we all strive for but few attain, providing a new frame of reference for how to live a life of character in this business in the process. Carl is a one-of-a-kind man for all seasons and more than worth his recently-reduced weight in gold, and I hope he takes my calls for a long time to come."

— Brendan Davis, Founder and CEO, Tangible Entertainment, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl’s massive Rolodex is just the starting point. It’s what he does with it that’s pure magic. Carl brings creativity, passion and integrity to everything he touches. He challenges his clients, colleagues and business partners to think smarter and to become better people or companies in the process. His encyclopedic memory + business savvy + emotional intelligence make him a force to be reckoned with – in any situation, anywhere on Earth. Always (painfully) honest, always ready and always valuable beyond measure. Whether it’s in the corporate board room on Wall Street, a blue-sky strategy session in Silicon Valley, or in a dark alley in Budapest, Carl is the guy you want by your side."

Ron Vaisbort, Content Alliances Director & Strategy, Intel Corporation, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"The opportunity of time with Carl is equivalent to receiving a 'cosmic kick in the ass'. Motivator, Business advisor, Friend, these things together cement the 'Bressler experience'. Thank you."

— Kjeld Gogosha-Clark, PARTNER, WORKING CLASS FILMS, worked with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Fiercely intelligent, inspiringly devoted to creating good, savvy in ways most people can't even recognize, Carl is like a human Cisco Router -- connecting the world at light speed -- though with discretion and admirable judgment. A mentor to the sincere. A friend to the honest. One of the Wise Ones."

— Adam Gilad, CEO, Gilad Creative Media, Inc., was with another company when working with Carl at Of The Good and of Women

"Carl has been an integral part of my life since the moment I met him many years ago. There is no more loyal or giving person on the planet. Just to paint a complete picture, given the choice if I had to pick a side in a battle between 500 guys with a guns and Carl with a toothpick, I would pick Carl. More significantly, if I was under attack by those 500 guys, I know with absolutely certainty, Carl would grab his toothpick and join me. Our world is a better place because of Carl."

— Keith Boesky, Principal, Boesky & Company, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl remains the most compelling man I have ever known for over thirty-five years. His honesty is always a breath of fresh air and his insight life and human nature worth sharing with those your love the most. He is living proof that you can have equal amounts of brains and beauty."

— Elyse Friedman Caiello, Owner, Travelers Anonymous, worked with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Working with Carl and counting him as a friend has been one of my life's true privileges. To every project he brings, integrity, uncommon insight, fairness, and value. Carl never rests until he achieves complete success not only for himself, but especially for his client."

— Alan Sege, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl is incredibly insightful and intelligent with a masterful knowledge of human nature, business tactics and problem solving. He is a forward thinker who utilizes his relationships, personality, and myriad abilities to achieve success regardless of potential obstacles. He has employed his powers to enable me to maximize my success and I am deeply grateful to have him as a friend and resource!"

— Jon Karas, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Over brunch Carl digested my various comments about life and work and then delivered spot-on advice about how to actually "solve" the issues which were blocking a new level of success. Carl's wisdom was

given thoughfully and delivered with a blueprint to implement. His advice resulted in my closing the largest transaction to date. Bottom line: time with Carl, is time well spent."

— Paul Goldman, was Carl's client

"Carl shared his remarkable and insightful entrepreneurial wisdom with my students. Carl is a riveting speaker. After his talk he had a long line of students who had been inspired by his words. The students were excited to have an opportunity to meet firsthand someone with Carl's new venture creation experience."

— Molly Lavik, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl is one of the finest human beings I know. He's accomplished, brilliant, creative, direct, enlightened, forceful, generous, honorable, innovative, judicious, keen, learned, masterful, nice, optimistic, professional, quick-minded, resourceful, sensible, talented, unequivocal, virtuous, wise, xanax-substitute, yielding, and zen-master-like. He really is!"

— Moses Ma, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl follows through better than anyone I have ever worked with, is skilled at solving problems quickly and efficiently and understands, more than anyone, how to decipher what people really mean in order to get to the root of the problem. He has a strong, clear voice, and gets to the root of your problem quickly, then works to teach you to see for yourself. A natural motivator and teacher."

— Scott Rosenfelt, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl has an indescribable energy and superior focus. As an invited speaker on the topics entrepreneurship, creativity, networking, inspiration and personal betterment, Carl has forever changed the lives of my students- Brian Sullivan, Adjunct Professor, Lloyd Grief Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, University of Southern California"

— Brian Sullivan, was Carl's client

"More than once during the past 10 years, I have traveled across the country for the sole purpose of seeking Carl's unfailingly insightful counsel, which he shares generously, and with the directness of someone who cares more about what you make of yourself than what you think of him. If you earn his trust, there is no one you can trust more. And he is gracious enough to suffer fools... briefly."

— Richard Abramowitz, was with another company when working with Carl at Bressler Adventures and Strategic Endeavors

"Carl provides Transplant Connect with a unique and ongoing source of inspiration, motivation, analysis, objectivity, critique and networking. His energy is contagious, his insights valuable and his relationships


extensive. We are extremely pleased to have him on our Advisory Board and we look forward to our continued relationship with him."

— John Piano, President & CEO, Transplant Connect, Inc., worked directly with Carl at Transplant Connect "Carl Bressler is truly a renaissance man. His vast interests and entreprises are quite extraordinary. He has

great curiosity and manages to be successful in several businesses at once. I am a huge fan!"

— Gwen Field, CEO, Simsie Films, LLC/Media Savant, was with another company when working with Carl at Film Production

"The talent and the resume speak for themselves, and I furthermore found the professionalism on set to be second to none."

— Delaney Dragon, PRODUCER, D FILM, worked directly with Carl at Various, free lance, independent, studio,

""As I began to map out my ideal teammates for my current company, Carl was atop the list of candidates to tap as "consigliere.". Carl is as sharp as a tack, as tough as nails, as considerate as a heartbeat and emotionally intelligent. He is seasoned in the fundamentals of running and executing a tight ship, and I am lucky to have him watching my back.""

— Peter Shiao, Founder/CEO, Orb Media Group, worked directly with Carl at Orb Media Group

"Carl Bressler is a gift to human-kind as a true progressive thinker, who is so far out of the box he redesigns it in 4-D, and translates it for VC minds to comprehend. He is the Einstein of net-workers who you must meet and work with!"

— Dama Claire Chasle, was Carl's client

"Rarely have I been inspired. Touched by an Angel. Encouraged to embrace my tenancity. Messenger * Connector * Confidant. I am honored and priviledged to have Carl Bressler as an advisor, mentor, and friend."

— Daniel Harris, CEO & Founder, Network, worked indirectly for Carl at Media Pass

"I had the good fortune of working with Carl at Big Stage Entertainment. There are few individuals that I can say I have been fortunate to work with. Carl is one of those people. Carl has an integrity and a basic karma about him that is remarkable and unmistakable. A relentless person who does not stop until he gets an answer or a solution to the problem. I would work with Carl again anytime, anywhere or anyplace. With Carl, there is no such thing as 'trying', there is only 'doing'. He tells it like it is with no 'BS', and in this town he is one of a kind. In the spirit of '300', he is the Spartan that I'd stand next to again gladly. Thanks Carl for being who you are!"

William Sager, Business Development, New Media,, worked directly with Carl at Big Stage Entertainment, Inc.

Carl is a rare example of someone whose life experience and sense of self make the world a better place. What is remarkable about Carl's perspective is that it draws upon an intelligent, informed sense of the changing business ecology with a likewise ecology of personal empowerment, capacity, and fulfillment. I have found his insights to be as hopeful as they are effective."

— Gerry Parham, Director, Entertainment Sales, MESoft, worked indirectly for Carl at

"What can I say about Carl other than he is amazing! We are a media industry company working with production teams. Carl with his vast expereince and networks is an incredible advisor to the company. moreover, Carl motivates our sales team to generate new revenue for the company."

— Mark Kapczynski, CEO, MESoft Inc, worked directly with Carl at

"I am proud and extremely lucky to have Carl as my "consigliore" at CircleBuilder. More than an advisor or counselor, he is both strategic and insightful. His input has proven invaluable as we move from concept to reality. Leo Rosten must have met Carl when he defined ‘mensch’ as “someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. The key to being ‘a real mensch’ is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, decorous.”"

— Brent Cohen, President and Co-Founder, CIRCLEBUILDER SOFTWARE, LLC, reported to Carl at Circle Builder

"Carl has been an unbelievable help - in good and tough times . His incurable optimism has been an inspiration"

— Peter Corbett, worked directly with Carl at Illusion Fusion: Click3x & Sound Lounge "Carl saved my butt without my even being aware that he did it...until it was done."

— Dave Warner, worked directly with Carl at Illusion Fusion: Click3x & Sound Lounge

"Carl Bressler makes things happen professionally and personally. He is smart, creative, intuititive and always focused on transforming something great into something extraordinary and profitable. He is an exceptional friend, a phenomenally knowledgeable resource and a trusted advisor to many."

— Kasey Sixt, Divison President (Southern CA based), TMP Worldwide, worked with Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"Carl's company, Montana Artists, was my agency for a number of years. While working with Carl and his associates at Montana Artists I always found them to be top drawer and professional. Carl himself is a man that I have grown to know a little bit more on a personal level, and was delighted to find a sensitive, caring, intelligent and insightful being. Truly a man of integrity, a man of his word, someone I hope will be in my world as not only a colleague, but as a friend. A breath of fresh air, with a spiritual core, he conducts business as a pro, but, also from his heart."

— Diane Cornell, Line Producer/DGA-UPM, Skye Island Entertainment, LLC, worked indirectly for Carl at

Montana Artists Agency

"When I was but a young Learner there was a Master who took the time to listen and guide. He shared his knowledge and experience selflessly. He made me look good in front of my boss. He is Carl Bressler."

— Scott Mislan, Producer / Director, Shadowrock Productions / Film Neutron, worked indirectly for Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"As Ceo, Founder, and Talent Agent at Montana Artists Agency, Carl created extraordinary business opportunities for his clients. In response to the adage that success in creative endeavors requires "talent, drive, luck and a sponsor," Carl was astute in locating and assessing talent - his own drive and personality often provided the critical factor of 'luck' - and he served as his clients most stalwart sponsor, mentor and friend."

— Roger Fortune, was Carl's client

"In the early days of new media, there were people who immediately understood where it was all leading - Carl got it. Carl's vision, insight, and generosity have been an inspiration to so many people and I am pleased that he counts me among his colleagues and friends. His business skills, incouragable optimism, and hard-nosed results focus make him a powerful force - especially when you combine it with the broad and impressive networks of people who endorse Carl."

— Marty Behrens, Manager, Interactive, Sony Corporation, was with another company when working with Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"Carl is an individual with more integrity and personal vision in the smallest digit of his pinkie than most people acquire in a lifetime. He is capable of carrying on conversations both challanging and inspiring and he has fulfilled every promise he has ever made to me, never wasted my time and been a true friend to me in the ups and downs of our lives."

— Richard Titus, Co-Founder & President, Plinyminor, was with another company when working with Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"It seems almost redundant for me to write a recommendation for Carl. As I read all of his other recommendations from colleagues, clients, and friends, I realize that Carl's gift is in making everyone he interacts with feel special. What I mean by this is, I have always felt that when I am with Carl, he thinks the world of me, thinks I have great potential, and that although our friendship is one that is not physically frequented often, it is an absolutely substantial and meaningful friendship when it is visited. So when I think of how much respect I have for Carl, how much advice and wisdom he has so lovingly given to me, I can't help feeling like I am the only person one he does this with -- that our friendship is special. And yet, I am wrong; everyone he befriends, mentors, and loves feels blessed. I know there are plenty of others who feel like the relationship they have with Carl is unique and beautiful; and these people are correct, as am I, in feeling the same way. Carl makes us all feel like we share secrets only with him, laugh only with him, and have philosophy discussions only with him. His gift is the ability to take every moment shared and make that moment worth the world. He is a truly warm, loving, intelligent, honest, and decent man. I am honored to be

a tiny part of his very large life. I can only hope that we make him feel a bit special too..."

— Maya Jakubowicz, Manager, Finance & Business Affairs, Montana Artists Agency, reported to Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"Mentor, friend, and brother. First 3 words that I think of when I consider what Carl has meant to me. Heart, integrity, toughness, smarts are words that come to mind when I think about Carl the man. Those who have been fortunate to spend any time with Carl have inevatably walked away better for it. I could not think of a better advisor or consultant on matters of business or life in general. The world is a better place with Carl Bressler walking among us."

— mace camhe, Partner, Exec in Charge of Production, Epicenter FIlms, worked with Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"Carl is the most intelligent, sincere, insightful, loyal, and exciting person I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's a terrific motivator who excels at getting people to realize their potential. He's made a major, positive impact on my life and remains the first person I would seek out if I need career advice."

— Padraic Carlin, Executive Assistant, Montana Artists, reported to Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"During the two years I worked for Carl, I was consistently in awe of his boundless enthusiasm and inquisitve, optimistic personality. Quick-minded, creative and an astute businessman, he truly excels in helping others identify and overcome obstacles to their professional and personal growth. I am fortunate that he remains a trusted friend and mentor."

— Greg Lewis, Executive Assistant, Montana Artists Agency, reported to Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"I ran a successful special effects company in Los Angeles. After a decade,I recognized I had taken the company as far as it could go. I grew tired and pondered,#What will I do next?" Carl said, "Come to the Edge." I said,# I can't, I'm afraid." He said,# Come to the Edge." I said, "I can't, I'll fall off." He said, finally, "Come to the Edge." And I came to the Edge. And he pushed me. And I flew."

— Tara C., was with another company when working with Carl at Montana Artists Agency "Carl is a brilliant entrepreneur. He has been blessed with common sense, ethics and compassion. He's also

one tough negotiator, a loyal representative, agent and mentor and a good friend."

— Robert Nau, was a consultant or contractor to Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"I have known Carl for over 20 years. His friendship, wisdom, support and enthusiasm has been vital in my own career and personal development. Aside from my wife, there is no one I would rather have on my side than Carl. He continues to be a trusted advisor who I plan on knowing for a very long time."

— Jeffrey Levine, reported to Carl at Montana Artists Agency

"Carl is an amazing individual to work with. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who is a strategic thinker with a dash of spiritual yoda (think Tony Robbins) plus a massive A-list rolodex. As an advisor and seed investor in my previous company, Carl delivered above and beyond the call of duty, even when the chips were down."

— Stephen Christopher Liu, worked directly with Carl at Montana Artists Agency "Carl has a big heart to match his big brain-a true mensch."

— Lynn Hirshfield, VP Business Development, Oediv, was with another company when working with Carl at

"Carl is an amazing individual to work with. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who is a strategic thinker with a dash of spiritual yoda (think Deepak Chopra) plus a massive A-list rolodex. As an advisor and seed investor in my previous company, Carl delivered above and beyond the call of duty, even when the chips were down."

— Stephen Christopher Liu, was with another company when working with Carl at "i knew Carl when he was in law school, at Fellini's, as an actor, at Montana Artists, and still today -- it's been

25 years. He is noble, honest, inspiring, direct, enthusiastic, rejuvenating, passionate, smart and fun."

— Dirk van de Bunt, was with another company when working with Carl at Fellini's Bar and Restaurant

"I knew Carl when...he managed Fellini's with great agility, we acted in shows together and brainstormed how to take Hollywood as our own. He did, in fact, do it and did it well. A man who's vision is actualized and keeps growing like the ever expanding universe. You are blessed if you happen to be one of the members of his rotating galaxy."

— Jeffrey Weissman, worked with Carl at Fellini's Bar and Restaurant


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