Jeff Mendelsohn

Founder & Chair, New Leaf Paper


Jeff Mendelsohn
Founder & Chair, New Leaf Paper
Founded and built New Leaf Paper into one of the most well recognized businesses in North America with a 100% commitment to sustainability. Created the first positive vision for the paper industry integrating the principles of sustainability (called Pulp Non-Fiction), and led by example with New Leaf Paper. Pioneered a collaborative business model to create a sustainable supply chain, working in partnership with customers and vendors over the full lifecycle of paper. Through a series of major, environmentally leading product innovations, developed a new market within the paper industry for truly sustainable products - inspiring the largest paper companies to enter this market and shift their business practices.
Actively contributed to the growth of the sustainable business community over the last 20 years through public speaking, guest lecturing at leading business schools, and ongoing engagement in sustainable business forums such as Social Venture Network. Established New Leaf Paper as one of the Founding B Corporations, signing the B Corporation Declaration of Interdependence in 2007.
Personal mission statement: Design, advise, and create businesses and social institutions that bring out the best in human nature. Align our behavior with a sustainable, abundant, just, and beautiful world.
Connecting vision with action, designing strategy, building brands, creating products and sustainable supply chains, building partnerships, inspiring people.
Founder & Chair at New Leaf Paper
July 1998 - Present (14 years 2 months)
Jeff Mendelsohn is the founder and chair of New Leaf Paper, a company with the mission of driving a fundamental shift toward sustainability in the paper industry, one of the most resource intensive industries in the world. Jeff envisions a complete redesign of the paper industry to incorporate the principles of sustainability, and he is a frequent public speaker on this topic. Jeff leads New Leaf Paper’s product innovation, creating a wide selection of market leading environmental papers that fit this vision. Since it was founded in 1998, New Leaf Paper has seen real change in the marketplace through its efforts and has inspired some of the largest paper companies in the world to pay attention to environmental concerns. Jeff and New Leaf Paper have received numerous awards for their efforts, including, most recently, the 2007 Fast Company Social Capitalist Award.
Jeff’s interest in socially responsible business transcends the goals of New Leaf Paper and he actively works to support the growth of the socially responsible business community. He is a longtime member of the leading green business organizations such as Business for Social Responsibility, Social Venture Network, and the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. Jeff regularly speaks at business schools and green business conferences, sharing his insights on the integration of a true commitment to sustainability in a successful business. 4 recommendations available upon request

Founder & CEO at New York Recycled Paper, Inc.
January 1991 - June 1998 (7 years 6 months) Pioneering environmentally responsible paper company.

Honors and Awards
Henry Crown Fellow - Class of 2009
The Aspen Institute August 2009
The Henry Crown Fellowship Program, established in 1997, seeks to develop the next generation of community-spirited leaders, providing them with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of business and civic leadership in the 21st century.
Forbes Impact 30 - Top Social Entrepreneurs
Forbes Magazine November 2011
"For the first time in Forbes’ 94-year history, we’ve assembled the Impact 30: a list of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. We’re defining “social entrepreneur” as a person who uses business to solve social issues."

Cornell University
BA, International Relations, 1985 - 1990
Activities and Societies: Studied at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1988, courses in dependency theory, Jorge Luis Borges, and Argentine history. Still speak Spanish fluently after a glass of wine or two.
Honors and Awards
2011 - Forbes Impact 30 Social Entrepreneurs 2011 - Green Power Partnership Award, USEPA 2009 - Henry Crown Fellowship, The Aspen Institute 2009 - EPA Green Power Partnership Top 20 2007 - Fast Company Social Capitalist Award 2006 - GreenAmerica, Green Business Award 2006 - Green 50 Sustainable Businesses, Inc. Magazine 2005 - United Nations, Green Business Award 2005 - Environmental Excellence, 17th Annual Business Ethics Awards 2004 - Fast Company, Fast 50 Winner
Changing the dna of business so it becomes sustainable by nature. Helping build the effort to shift our economic behavior as a society. Active outdoorsman - surf, climb, kayak, hike. Active in the arts, sometime sculptor and photographer, ex New Yorker...
Jeff Mendelsohn
Founder & Chair, New Leaf Paper

4 people have recommended Jeff
"If you know anything about paper, you know New Leaf Paper is the leading, and has been leading, the race for sustainable papers since the mid 90s. If you, or your organization, are serious about shrinking your carbon footprint, then you have found the right person to partner with. I highly recommend Jeff and his team."
— Taylor Martin, was Jeff's client "Jeff's commitment to ethical and sustainable ventures as personified by his company, New Leaf, sets the
standard that we should all aspire to."
— Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, Senior Managing Editor, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., was a consultant or contractor to Jeff at New Leaf Paper
"Jeff is one of the true luminaries in the sustainable products world. His work at New Leaf has been inspiring to witness, and his seriousness about his mission is only matched by his seriousness about performance and execution."
— Adam Werbach, was Jeff's client
"Jeff is a true pioneer, having set the benchmark for environmentally responsible paper and helping bring it to the mainstream business marketplace. His innovations and evangelism have helped companies make recycled paper a normal part of doing business."
Joel Makower, was Jeff's client