Plinio Garcia

Managing Partner, Indy Plush

Plinio Garcia left Cuba with his family at age 8. He attended Notre Dame HS in Sherman Oaks, received a BA in Economics at UCLA and an MBA at Pepperdine. Plinio bought his first lot of land in Lake Havasu at age 21 for $6000, his first condo in Downtown L.A. at 22 for $82,000 and his 30th property in Marina Del Rey at 40 for $1.5M.  At 24 he co-founded Chef Merito, a Mexican-Flavorings company to capture the fast growing Hispanic market. In 2008 he became the President of start-up vegan foods company JGREEN / Beyond Meat that two years later received $5M from Kleiner Perkins. In October 2012 Plinio, Franceil and Andrew formed IndyPlush to make eco-friendly dolls. In less than 4 months the dolls are selling in fine hotels, boutiques and Museums