Robert Arbour

President, Triple Net Equities, Inc.



Robert Arbour


Robert Arbour has been engaged in a wide variety of real estate endeavors since 1979. Starting in leasing and sales to industrial and office occupants with the David Houston Company provided a base of “bricks and mortar” understanding of the business. He subsequently became the acquisition director for Pan American Properties, the British Coal Miners’ Pension Fund’s United States real estate program in New York.

Since 1983, Mr. Arbour has been a self-employed real estate broker and advisor. He has completed a wide variety of real estate transactions, which sought to maximize property value with structured funding. He has consulted to NYSE and Fortune 500 companies; completed letter of credit backed lower floaters with and without collars; zero coupon residual value financing for corporate and individual needs; high leverage transactions for partnership issues; corporate structures involving detailed understanding of FASB rules; loans with life companies, banks, thrifts, and conduits; and numerous exchanges.

Mr. Arbour has represented buyers and sellers including Wachovia Securities, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Leasing and Finance, CRIC Capital, Mesirow Net Lease, Fleetwood Enterprises, Zurich Structured Finance, American Retirement Corp., and numerous high net worth individuals.  During the past 7 years, Mr. Arbour has been the president and sole shareholder of Triple Net Equities, Inc., which specializes in credit net leased real estate sales. In that capacity he has successfully closed transactions with a total sales price in excess of  $500,000,000. He has served as nominee owner for 3 properties acquired by Fleetwood.

Mr. Arbour has served as special manager for a pool of Walgreen Stores on behalf of Wachovia Securities. In addition, Mr. Arbour has served as special manager for three unrelated single member limited liability companies, none of which has been involved in any bankruptcy activities.

Robert Arbour, Triple Net Equities, Inc.

Partial Net Lease Transaction Summary (approximate prices)

$175,000,000     Motel Six Portfolio sale to Sumitomo, 38 properties, National
                              Represented US Realty

$54,000,000       Walgreen Portfolio management of NN properties and resale
                              9 properties, National
                              Represented Wachovia Securities

$100,000,000+   Various properties: CVS, Walgreen, Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, etc
                              Represented individual investors

$26,500,000       Eli Lilly Divisional Headquarters, Greenfield, IN
                              Represented individual investor

$5,400,000         United Technologies, Carrier Subsidiary Warehouse Smyrna, TN
                              As Principal

$29,600,000       Lowes Home Store, Torrance, CA
                              Represented Arnel Realty

$10,350,000       Home Expo, Monrovia, CA
                              Represented Wachovia Securities

$7,000,0000       Black & Veatch, Overland Park, KS
                              Zero Coupon Subordinate Debt for Sam Zell
                              Represented Zurich Structured Finance

$22,000,000       Fleetwood Enterprises Portfolio, 22 properties, National
                              Represented Fleetwood Enterprises


$5,100,000         Baxter International Portfolio, 3 properties, Midwest
                              Represented individual investor

$13,000,000       Costco Leased Fee, Virginia Beach, VA
                              Represented American Retirement Corp.

$11,700,000       Wal-mart Leased Fee sale to Alex Trebek, Rancho Cordova, CA
                              Represented individual investor

$30,000,000       Alstom, Rochester, NY
                              Represented Mesirow Net Lease

$3,500,000         Anthem Insurance, Louisville, KY Zero Coupon Subordinate Financing
                              Represented Mesirow Net Lease

$26,500,000       Aetna Building, Plano Texas
                              Letter of Credit backed lower floater financing
                              Represented individual investor as borrower

$19,300,000       CVS Warehouse, Fredericksburg, VA
                              Represented Individual Investor