Robin Brown

Co-founder & President, Erbaviva


Robin Brown is Co-founder and President of Erbaviva. Established in 1996 Erbaviva is one of the first pioneers in “organic personal care” well before a now popular trend emerged. Inspired by the desire to use pure, safe, organic products on their own children, at a time when there were no organic personal care products available, Robin and Anna Cirronis started Erbaviva in their Topanga home. Two years later, the business was moved to the San Fernando Valley where they set up a manufacturing facility powered with renewable energy credits and subsequently became both Certified USDA Organic as well as becoming one of the first Certified Demeter Biodynamic personal care companies in the US. In November 2010 Erbaviva became a certified B Corp.

Erbaviva has worked since inception with the Pwo Karen Hill Tribe on the border of Burma and Thailand, from whom they purchase all fabric packaging and basketry, to help support their process of conversion over from “slash-and-burn” agriculture to more sustainable permanent farming methods.

With a range of over 100 products, most of which are certified organic, the Erbaviva brand is sold in some of the world’s premium destination boutiques, hotels and spas in the US, Europe and Asia.

Robin has a Degree in Creative Photography from Nottingham University, UK. He later pursued a path in commercial film production in New York and then became a Camera Operator and later a Director of Photography. Robin worked on many well renowned films such as Fargo, Dead Man Walking, The Shawshank Redemption and The Hudsucker Proxy.  Fueled by the desire to pursue a more sustainably oriented career Robin decided to leave the film industry and joined Anna in the process of growing Erbaviva to what has become a flourishing internationally successful company and remains an inspired leader in the field of organic personal care.