35 Classy Shower Tile Ideas To Personalize Your Bathroom

35 Classy Shower Tile Ideas To Personalize Your Bathroom

Shower Tile Ideas – When it comes to designing your bathroom, the first thing you probably think about is what type of tiles you are going to use. Fortunately, the tiles come in a wide range of designs and styles, and of course, material. All of these features allow you to get creative with your bathroom design ideas. Your bathroom is a space that can use equal interior decorating as the rest of the house.

You may focus on the convenience of the fittings and fixtures and the cleanliness of the place. However, you will definitely enjoy an aesthetic space when you are relaxing in your bathtub after a long day. The shower is also an important part of the bathroom and you will feel grateful later if it has been designed well with tiles. When you take that morning shower trying to wake up or one after a hectic day, you will really appreciate the creativity.

If you love simplicity, you can either go with white tiles or others that come in solid colors. If you love textures, then go for the various other designs available for shower tile ideas. In the following post, we list a few ideas that may come in handy.

White Pairing

Shower Tile Ideas

This idea is so simple to implement. Use your typical white tiles and pair them up with any other design of tiles. This particular combination creates a clean but beautiful look. We love how the tiles have been lined into the vestibule for a unique touch.

Pink and Brick

Shower Tile Ideas 1

For shower tile ideas for a girl’s bathroom, you could not go wrong with pink. This shower makes use of a brick design that easily creates a classy look. The shower floor is tiled in a lined design that accentuates the brick design of the walls. You can use the same idea in different colors as well.

White and Intricate

Shower Tile Ideas 2

One of the typical colors for a bathroom is plain white. It looks clean and neat but does not have to be boring. One of the white pairing shower tile ideas, this one takes an intricate design for floor tiles and classily pairs them with the average white tiles on the walls.

Sparkly Golden Honeycomb

Shower Tile Ideas 3

Ash grey tiles are paired with an accent of intricately designed tiles for the walls in this unique idea. But the kicker of this creative design on the floor. Golden honeycomb designed tiles create the sparkly effect that subtle down the ash grey of the walls but match the accent.

Grainy Tetris

Shower Tile Ideas 4

This shower looks funky with its step but we really love the combination of the tiles too. The floor and the wall accent tiles use a beautiful tetris design that creates a classy compatibility with the rest of the grainy tiles. A warm light adds to the entire atmosphere.

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Hopefully, these shower tile ideas were worth your time. You can get so much creative given how many styles, designs, and colors are available in the market nowadays.

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